About Vivian

I was born in Bushbuckridge in the outskirts of Limpopo, but grew up in Soshanguve and attended most of my schooling in Pretoria, South Africa. I moved to Randfontein in 1997 because my father was one of the top generals in the police force, they were constantly moved around different police stations in the province after South Africa's independence.

In 2001, I went to Wits University to study IT and Information Systems and later qualified with a Masters Degree. I then joined one of South Africa's major banks as a Business Analyst and later promoted to IT Project Portfolio Manager until I resigned in 2018.

Our upbringing and socialisation, for many of my peers and family, that included me by the way, to work in the banking sector as an Information Technology specialist seemed like a dream job, but I don't subscribe to that notion anymore.

When I was in the formal sector I was always scared of people trying to sell me these life changing options, I was content and I was okay, well that's what I thought then. Today I know better, at this minute I know that opportunities will come along, sparking dreams one thought so minimal. Going forward there will be no limits to be placed, hope never to be confined. Today I know we all run the race, but it doesn't stop at "finish line"

I am a married and trained professional who used to look down on this profession of MULTILEVEL MARKETING. I left a good paying IT job. The same job that I guarded with my all and thought meant the world to me and I thought I would sustain my family with forever.

I joined MULTILEVEL MARKETING via selling and marketing Longrich Bioscience International products in 2017. I birthed "Team Expansion" I have teams as far as Brazil and in the United Kingdom but Africa is special to me. Africa is deep in my heart I am busy exploring the African market and it does my spirit good to see the explosion of my teams in Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana and in Rwanda just to name a few.

Today I brag of strong, vibrant and existing international teams under the name "Team Expansion" in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Namibia, Swaziland, Angola, and Lesotho. I can tell you that 80% of Longrich clientele especially in the Southern Hemisphere is under the leadership of one Vivian Mokome from Soshanguve. So far, I have more than 500 000 members under my name or team, and those are not made up figures. Every day we grow and with MULTILEVEL MARKETING we shall prove that it is time for Africa to rise and the time is now. MULTILEVEL MARKETING has its lows and highs but mostly highs. People can discourage you, other people will walk just one mile with you and the rest of the 100 miles you walk on your own. I have learnt my lessons in the few years also. I have learnt that leading is also learning. Africa needs to learn from the unity of purpose in MULTILEVEL MARKETING and pull together and together we shall rise. Through MULTILEVEL MARKETING we shall rebuild our mother continent. I will not rest until I see this business in the hands of different African people from all walks of life. I would like to see this business adding value to the people and changing the lives of our ordinary people

When I joined Longrich in 2017 it was my first job in the networking industry. I never knew that I would be a 3 Star Director by 2019. Two years ago I did not know I would be carrying the huge task of changing the face of Multilevel Network Marketing in Africa. All I wanted was passive income. I didn’t know it will turn out to be something I do as a profession because the bank looked after me, they paid me well. I was very successful in my job and most of my projects did very well and some received global awards, but I was hooked by the idea of having passive income.

My dear African brother, my esteemed sister, I would like to challenge you. Success is in your hands and don't just talk, walk the talk. If you dream it, you can do it. That’s what the greatest inventors and successful business people had in mind when they were trying to achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re not experienced yet; look at me, only two years in the business of MULTILEVEL MARKETING. I am a living testimony. You have all the potential to become a "kick ass" entrepreneur as long as you believe in your powers. If you stick to having a clear goal in your mind and you are dedicated to work hard to achieve it, nothing can stand in your way. Keep going child of Africa.

I am Vivian Mokome and I am always ready. It just doesn't get better that this. Longrich or nothing.